Saturday, March 5, 2011

Week 7 - "That there Clark is an RV"

This weekend was the annual Omaha Boat, Sports and Travel show.  We've enjoyed going to this the last few years and really enjoy looking at all of the RVs.  We were, for a short time, proud owners of a mid-80's motor home, but we decided it was a little more than what we needed or wanted, so we sold it.  Since then we have talked on and off about buying a smaller bumper-hitch trailer, but until we get serious about it we love to go look at all of the various options available.
So early that afternoon we headed down to the Qwest Center to see what this year's offerings were.  We decided to keep the bambino with us, so I strapped him into the Snuggli facing out so he could see the campers too.  It was pretty cold out that day and very drafty in the Qwest, so I left his raccoon hat on.  Apparently people can't resist a dimpled baby with a raccoon hat, so we chatted with lots of strangers that afternoon.  We even had one of the camper salesmen ask if he could take a picture of him.  My husband, always the haggler, allowed the guy to snap a picture of the baby in return for a business card and promise of a great price when we're ready to buy.  It was an enjoyable afternoon and we got more ideas for what we are going to be looking for when we ever decide to take the plunge.
After we had checked out the RVs, gone back and double checked the ones we had liked, and wandered through the rest of the show's offerings we'd built up quite the appetite.  Hubby hadn't made any particular dinner plans as part of the date (it was his turn to plan), so we picked something on the fly.  We ended up choosing Wheatfields where John got his favorite french dip and I gave the house special fried chicken a try.  Everything was yummy but I had to get a to-go box for most of my meal so I could save room for dessert.  After bread pudding and strawberry wedding cake (most of which also came home in a to-go box), we were ready to call it a night.

Parking                 $8
Show Tickets        $18
Lemonade             $3
Dinner                   $43
Total                     $72

Previous balance $122 - $50 weekly - $72 = $150 current balance

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